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In June, after a 22-year hiatus, I decided to start running again. I had a lot of strength in my arms, legs, and core from continuing to stretch and do push ups and sit ups all those years but not surprisingly, aerobically I was a disaster. My breathing was very labored and I felt like I was using only part of my lung capacity. I began working with Becky, a former runner herself, after meeting her at a Holistic Hub networking event. She helped me, through 30-minute telephone coaching sessions and 1-hour yoga sessions, learn how to better control my breathing and better work with the energy flow in my body. Becky is very patient, a great teacher, and really focused on my goals. With my work, and Becky’s coaching and teaching, I successfully completed my first 5K in 22 years on August 21 and look forward to many more.

Carla Levy


"Becky is a sensitive, loving, effective yoga teacher. A private session with her helped me clear up a muscle problem and taught me new postures to use in my daily practice. I recommend her highly."

Kathy Carlson

Katrina Brown

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