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Move. Breathe. Believe. BECOME

Yoga and Welness Coaching for teens, adults, intellectual and develpmentl disablities,  schools,  organizations, LGBTQ+ friendly


I'm Becky! Excited to have you join me on your journey. The practice of yoga is ultimately about the power of connection with ourselves, each other and the greater community. When we move and breathe together an opportunity to be together emerges and we can begin to feel connected to ourselves, each other, our co-workers and our greater community. 

Ready to start your journey?

I offer In person Adaptive Yoga (intellectual and developmental disabilities 15 and up) and Gentle Yoga (class offers modifications to support your body, experience level, and unique needs). 

Do you identify as LGBTQ+? I identify and find it vitally important that there are spaces we can connect with ourselves and  as a community. I offer an online LGBTQ+ class for those who identify. At the end of each class there is space to introduce yourselves, ask questions about the practice, and share your story. Please note that you are never expected to share if it doesn't feel right for you.  This class honors all mobility levels and people new to the practice. 

Do you identify as LGBTQ+ and  desire private yoga and health and wellness coaching but feel you cannot afford it? I support 4 clients at a sliding scale  fee monthly through the Healing Arts Collective. 



I am ready to transform my life, my teen's life, my organization, my community. Where do I start?

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