I believe the ability to heal resides within each of us. The ancient wisdom of yoga hands us tools to discover this self-healing energy. I help clients tune into the intuition of their body and heal themselves on an energetic level through breath work, gentle movement, and meditation techniques. As a holistic health coach, I act as a form of support as women learn to tune into the intuition of their bodies and make small gradual lifestyle changes to reach their overall vision of wellness.

           One-On-One Private Yoga 



*Learn tools for self-regulation through asana (physical postures), pranayama (breath practices) and meditation 

*Asana, pranayama, and meditation practices based on your goals and physical needs.

*My goal is to help clients build a routine to start a private yoga practice that grows with time and helps them find relaxation in the midst of stress outside of the sessions


*After each session you'll leave with a customized practice to work on at home until our next session.

   Group Private Yoga 

*Special events

*Yoga in your home or space

*Yoga at work


These events can be offered virtually


"Becky is a sensitive, loving, effective yoga teacher. A private session with her helped me clear up a muscle problem and taught me new postures to use in my daily practice. The group sessions are also valuable. I recommend her highly."

-Kathy Carlson

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Has your doctor recommended lifestyle changes to improve your health and manage a chronic dis-ease? Do you feel overwhelmed with where to start and staying accountable to yourself?  Find out how I can support you as a health coach.  


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