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Yoga and Wellness Coaching for an Easeful Body, Peaceful Mind, Grateful Heart


Becky Laurenzana, Yoga and Wellness Coach

Do you suffer from achy joints? Low Energy? Irritability? Inability to focus and be patient at home and work? As I discovered along my own healing journey and in working with clients the yogic techniques of mindfulness, breathwork, and movement can bring the body back into alignment body mind and spirit and allow you to rediscover your natural vitality. There is a common message that to grow old is to grow weak, sick and not be able to do the things "young" people can do. This is a flawed message. With proper lifestyle choices and the support of yogic tools you can still feel great no matter how old you are. When working with you I aim to support you in creating a daily yoga practice suited to your unique goals, physical abilities, and intentions as to how you would like to show up in your careers, relationships and day to day interactions. As a Health and Wellness coach I support you as you learn to connect with the intuition of your body and make conscious daily lasting changes in your health and wellness. Through one-on-one sessions you will discover your inner strengths and mobilize your outer resources to mend your relationship with food, exercise, and implement new lifestyle changes to become vital and healthy well into retirement and beyond.  "A thousand forests start with one acorn." You are ultimately your best health advocate and I am here to support you in finding your voice.


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