The ability to heal resides within each of us. The ancient wisdom of yoga hands us tools to discover this self-healing energy. These tools are companions for life. You don't pick them up a few times, use them and discard them. You carry them with you like a treasured friend, using them to uplift yourself mind body and spirit.

Ready to learn breath, movement and meditation practices one-on-one?

           Private Yoga 



*Learn tools for self-regualtion through asana (physical postures), pranayama (breath practices) and meditation 

Asana, pranayama, and meditation practices based on your goals and physical needs.

*My goal is to help clients build a routine to start a private yoga practice that grows with time and helps them find relaxation in the midst of stress outside of the sessions


*After each session you'll leave with a customized practice to work on at home until our next session.

*Sessions are available through Zoom and in the client's home.

   Small Group Yoga Instruction 

*Special events

*Yoga in your home or space

*Yoga at Work

"Becky is a sensitive, loving, effective yoga teacher. A private session with her helped me clear up a muscle problem and taught me new postures to use in my daily practice. The group sessions are also valuable. I recommend her highly."

-Kathy Carlson

Diets and harsh workouts lead us to battle our bodies instead of listening. In reality, our bodies much like computers tell us through bodily cues what foods nourish and deplete us, what exercise energizes us and what drains us, and what lifestyle choices make us live a vibrant life and which choices drain us body mind and spirit. Through my studies at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition I learned what nutrient rich foods allowed my body to thrive and what I needed to fix in my day to day life to be truly healthy. The days of hating my body and feeling like I’d always be too big subsided. I stopped eating Lean Cuisine at lunch only to be inflamed and exhausted 2 hours later, leading to a crash and an evening of overeating. Gradually I began to crave fresh juice, vegetables, and fatty fish.  I stopped punishing my body through intense cardio workouts and found ease in my body through yoga and walking. As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I act as a form of support and encouragement as women begin to listen to their bodies and implement small steps daily in lifestyle, eating habits, and exercise to create their healthiest body for years to come. 

Curious about how to achieve a healthy body without restrictive diets and punishing workouts?
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