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Move. Breathe. Believe. BECOME

Yoga and Wellness coaching for teens, adults, intellectual and developmental disabilities, schools, organizations, LGBTQ+ friendly


I'm Becky! Excited to have you join me on your journey. The practice of yoga is ultimately about the power of connection with ourselves, each other and the greater community. When we move and breathe together an opportunity to be together emerges and we can begin to feel connected to ourselves, each other, our co-workers and our greater community. We start to see our true essence and believe in who we are. This belief opens many doors to becoming.

Ready to start your journey?
Ready to calm your mind, connect with your body, discover and leverage your strengths and become the most
powerful version of Self?

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Does your teen or adult with intellectual and developmental disabilities need opportunities to socialize? Do they sit often and not move their bodies? Do they struggle with balance and strength in every day life? Do they easily become overwhelmed and over stimulated? Each Saturday I offer an Adaptive Yoga class to support them in developing strength, balance, calming their mind, and practicing social skills.
Would your organization or school like to include Yoga and Coaching into their offerings? 

I work with libraries, schools and other organizations to offer accessible yoga and wellness coaching.

Yoga can be practiced from a chair , on the ground or a combination of both.

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Do you have a private event, celebration or retreat in which you'd like to include yoga?
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