No-bake Double Chocolate Mint Brownies





*1 and a half tbsp Coconut oil

*1 package Dark chocolate


*2 and a half cups dates

*1 1/2 walnuts

*1 1/2 vanilla extract

*2 tbsp water

*dash of pink salt

*1/4 cup cacao powder

*5 mint leaves (I used chocolate mint, but you can sub regular mint leaves. Use more or less leaves depending on how minty you'd like your brownies


*Combine all brownie dough ingredients in a food processor

*Grease 8-inch square baking pan

*Press dough into pan until it is even

*Place in freezer for 20 minutes

*Combine oil and chocolate in a sauce pan on low heat.

*When it begins to melt whisk until it completely melted.

*Spread icing evenly on dough

Freeze until chocolate is hard, cut, place in fridge and enjoy

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