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Over a decade ago, I began practicing Yoga daily and it radically transformed my health and my life.  

I took my first Yoga class at the gym to stretch my body from years of over exercise.  

After a few classes, I began to sense and connect with my body.  

It was clear Yoga went far beyond exercise and stretching.  

I connected with a local studio and began practicing every chance I could.  In those early classes I caught a glimpse into what it could feel like to truly connect with my body, relieve physical tension, and calm an often anxious and busy mind.   

This led me to radically change my eating habits, cultivate trust in myself, lose weight, and show up in all my interactions-personally, professionally and with random strangers-a calmer, happier and more grounded person.  

The practice has helped me through a divorce, coming out as a lesbian woman after being closeted until my early 40s, starting a business, and processing trauma. Ultimately the tools of Yoga led me back to myself and I truly believe that I would not have been able to face these challenges and embark on a healing journey without these supportive practices.  

It has become my life’s passion to share the tools of Yoga and mindful living with everyone, including those who may not approach a conventional Yoga studio. My intention is to support others to become the happiest, healthiest version of themselves. I offer inclusive, accessible classes that support all bodies and ability levels. Yoga is a practice that everyone can do.  I especially enjoy working with beginners, those with intellectual and developmental disabilities and those who need stress relief.  

As a health coach, I aim to support teens and adults, including those with intellectual and developmental disabilities to shift lifestyle habits in movement, eating choices and self-care.  

I utilize positive psychology and client-centered coaching to honor your inner wisdom as you create your wellness vision and support you to make this vision a day-to-day reality celebrating your wins and helping you to course correct when needed. At the end of your coaching program you will have shifted your lifestyle for years to come.

In all my offerings I aim to meet you where you are and honor your inner-guru or teacher. We all know how to nurture ourselves and find true health. We just need a little help and support along our path. I offer safe and inclusive spaces to support all bodies and life experiences. 

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