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The tools of yoga helped me reconnect with myself and eventually come out after repressing my sexuality for twenty years. Through time spent on my mat and meditation cushion, I was able to hear the whispers in my mind. Those whispers turned into shouts until I could no longer continue lying to myself. The shame trapped in my physical body became evident.  

This experience led me to recognize how supportive the tools of Yoga are in supporting LGBTQ+ wellness. I offer LGBTQ+ friendly coaching and yoga to support you in connecting with your body and showing up fully in your power mind body spirit.  

I believe Yoga should be for everyone no matter your age, body size or ability level. We all come into this world in unique bodies and with our own challenges. Equally we come into this world with our unique soul blueprint, strengths that make us unique and allow us to thrive on our own terms despite whatever label we are given. 

I support those with intellectual and developmental disabilities to uncover the ability in their “dis” ability through Yoga as well as health and wellness coaching. After spending over two decades working with this population, I have come to appreciate how much capability lies beneath the labels given.  

I offer public and private yoga sessions online, in-studio, and in home and collaborate with businesses and other organizations to bring accessible yoga and wellness services to support the greater community. 

I offer one-on-one and group health and wellness coaching to adults and teens.

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