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Virtual Class Schedule

Gentle Yoga

6-7 pm Tuesdays:

This class supports beginners and those looking for a more modified practice to support ALL. Class can be practiced from a chair, the ground or a combination of both. Learn breathwork, basic poses and how Yoga and mindfulness can support your well-being.

Restorative Yoga

7:15-8:15 pm Wednesdays:

Gentle floor poses, supported by pillows, blankets, blocks, etc. These poses are held between 5 to 15 minutes with a focus of relaxing into the ground and working with the breath to regulate the nervous system and bringing the body into a state of balance. Great for those needing stress-relief and restorative rest.

Yin Yoga

6-7 pm Thursdays:

It is a practice where we intentionally work on stretching the fascia and connective tissues in the body through long held still floor poses. Poses are held between 2 and 7 minutes. Breathwork will be guided throughout the class.This is a very meditative practice and a great compliment to a more active practice.

Please email for details and to register for virtual classes.

Gentle Yoga
Saturdays 8:15-9:30
In-Studio @ Gymroots

Adaptive Yoga
Saturdays 10:30-11:15
In-Studio @ Gymroots

Open to teens and adults with disabilities 15 and up.


Students are supported to connect with their bodies through gentle accessible yoga postures which encourage balance, flexibility, strength, and overall mobility.


This is a fantastic opportunity for your teen or adult to socialize with peers, move their bodies, gain confidence, and learn how to relax their bodies and minds.

Accessible beginner-friendly Yoga class that meets you where you are at and honors your inner wisdom.


I strive to support all bodies with individual modifications throughout class.

Students explore seated and standing poses and reclined restorative poses while easing their nervous systems through breathwork. 

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